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I built a Power BI report on Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2022 results. Here's the working behind it -

Shape Map Visual -
This feature allows us to download custom maps to Power BI and allow us to visualize results of elections. Remember that election results can be visualized if we have borders for assembly (or) parliament constituencies.

Since the most significant and recent election was UP one, I decided to get the map of UP which had assembly constituencies and finally visualized it.

You need to download maps in topoJSON format in order to load these maps in shape map visuals under map settings. Generally in online, you will find map dumps in shp, dbf and shx formats. All you have to do is combine shp and dbf files & export them to topoJSON format.

I got my original map data under GIS shapefiles from Bielefeld University website. Since this is meant for educational / learning purpose, I am using the data under fair use policy.

Custom Tool-Tip
I didn't like the normal tool-tip. I wanted a good looking tool-tip. Hence, I literally spent 3 hours to finalize the design of custom tool-tip. I tried more than 20+ designs and finally felt happy with the design you see below -

The specialty of this custom tool-tip is that left side shows winner and right side shows runner-up. The colors of left side and right side keep changing according to the party name.

BJP means saffron, SP means red, Congress is blue etc. Similarly, I added a mini map at the bottom to make it more effective.

Election Results
Source for the results data is web scraping through Wikipedia website.

Main aim of this project was to visualize the results. Hence, I didn't do any party wise or person wise vote analysis as this is not the right platform to do so.

If you would love to navigate and experience this Power BI report on full screen of your laptop, then check below.

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