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National Level Robotics Competition held at IIT Delhi (2014)


Our Team - Aswin, Sumanth, Ganesh and Me - won 3rd prize at the zonal round. Our team became a finalist at the National Level Robotics Competition held at IIT Delhi (2014).  

3 Campus Placements in B.Tech


Memento for achieving three campus placements during B.Tech

Published a Research Paper in B.Tech

Research paper.JPG

Highest Merit Scholarship in MBA

Secured the highest scholarship during two years of my MBA under merit category.

Won Bullwhip Competition at Oneiros 2019


Top 6 Finalist at TATA Crucibles 2020 (Jaipur Edition)

Link to the report here

Achieved 10/10 GPA in all trimesters of MBA (Gold Medalist)


Created a record in the history of Manipal University Jaipur by becoming the first MBA student to secure 10/10 GPA in all trimesters

Link to virtual convocation

Team Excellence - Global DCI Team C&P CoE (Hitachi Energy)

CSS Award Certificate.jfif
CSS Award Trophy.jfif

Global DCI Team, C&P CoE - Debadutta Rath, Manivannan Kanisius, Sonali Sharma and me - won Team Excellence Award for the exceptional contribution towards Hitachi Energy India's success.

CSS Excellence Connect 2022 - Datathon Winner
Supply Chain Management

CSS Datathon SCM Winner.jfif

Our Team - Koteswara Rao Paturi, Parth Choudhary and me - have won the Datathon Contest for the Supply Chain Management Case Study.

Contribution towards #DCI2022

DCI2022 Stage.jfif

I delivered couple of sessions on Augmented Reality & I Can Build Apps too at the flagship #DCI2022 Event hosted by Controlling & Planning CoE Hitachi Energy

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