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My friend Ankur Bhargava and I worked on a case where we need to design a cost effective Sales & Operations Plan for Green Jean LLC (Fictional).


In this case, we roleplay as MIS managers and we need to come up the best sales & operations plan for the company using the decision making capabilities of Microsoft Excel.


The Problem

Accordingly, we worked on 4 different Sales & Operations Plans:

  1. Chase Plan (Focuses on Hiring according to the Sales Forecast)

  2. Level Plan (Focuses on Stable Level of Employment while decreasing/increasing Finished Goods Inventory)

  3. 5-6 Day Target Plan (Focuses on maintaining Minimum Level of Inventory)

  4. Optimal Plan (Balances Sales Forecast, Employees level & Inventory Levels)



We found that the optimal plan had the least cost and drafted a recommendation memo.

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