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I built a Power BI Report on Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2021 Results. This report has lot of new things compared to the UP-election results report I made earlier.

Here are all the things I added newly to this report -

  • Added a Bar Chart that can interact & highlight the constituencies won by the selected parties.

  • Created hierarchy structure in the same bar chart which can highlight seats won by alliance -  SPA & NDA (i.e. combination of parties)

  • Added names & pics of leaders, logo and no of seats won - winning and opposition parties

  • Added custom tooltip to the legend (bottom) which reveals symbols of all parties (hover)

  • New revised custom tooltip is more compact compared to UP report (reduced its area by ~33%)

  • Added slicers for constituency names & winning candidates (with search functionality)

  • Added information regarding election schedule, majority requirements and highlights of the previous election results on the left side

With this project, I introduced a new category to my project portfolio called ‘elections & politics’ where I will be working on few projects related to elections. Data Source for this project is Wikipedia page of Tamil Nadu election results (web scraping).

If you want to experience this Power BI report on full screen on your desktop (or) laptop, please check below.

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