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When I was in MBA 1st year, Marketing Management used to be one of my favorite courses. I always found MM quite interesting because it brings concepts of Marketing, Finance and Economics together in certain ways.

I studied only theory and case studies but never had a chance to implement those concepts hands-on because I was not aware of tools like Power BI at that time. Finally I got a chance to implement those concepts in real time on Power BI.


Contents of the report 

  • Overview (Dashboard Feel - No Interactions)

  • Markets (Geographical Analysis)

  • Regions (Division Analysis)

  • Root Cause Analysis (Decomposition Tree)

  • Cohort Analysis (Gap between purchases)

  • ABC Classification (A-70%, B-20% and C-10%)

  • RFM Analysis (Recency, Frequency and Monetary)

  • Sales Analysis (Dynamic Rolling Average)

  • Profit Analysis (Dynamic Rolling Average + Time Intelligence

Video Overview


  • Sales & Profit Analysis work with Drill Through via Markets Page

  • Q&A doesn't work in 'publish to web' view

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